And it begins

I’ll be honest, I have no idea why I did this. Why would I start a blog, it seems so stupid. But like most stupid things teenagers are bound to do it. Its October 2nd 2013, I’m in my 12th grade of high school trying to do it big. Trying to live that good life, get my money straight, get my grades up, get healthy and get enlightened. First of all I’ll tell you internet people a bit more about my self and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. First of all I’m 18, African and 5’7. I love sports even though I’m not the best at them, I love rap music, I love my family and I love my friends. To be honest I’m a shy person, I may seem confident to some people but the truth is I’m not. I enjoy time by myself and in the presence of people even my friends at times, I can come off awkward and uncomfortable. I’m lazy at times and ambitious at times, but mostly lazy. I try to do things that make me happy and I love challenging myself, seeing how hard I can push myself. In the past I’ve been known as a quitter but I’m trying to change that notion. When people look at me I think that they think, I’m a funny guy, and I’d agree with that because I do try to present humor as often as possible. I’m not a deep person but I can sit down and have a long philosophical conversation, and also have a dumb two minute chat about that nice ass I saw yesterday.  I love learning weird and strange things and i enjoy knowing things others don’t.  Please don’t take that previous sentence as a sign of cockiness, because there aint nothing cocky about loving to learn. I’m the type of guy that can be your best friend forever, if your cool and not a snake. I’ll tell stories on my blog and other things about me. Now let’s look at the purpose of my blog. First and foremost I named this blog, “The Blog Bout Nothing” because ironically I want to write about everything and anything. From basketball to football, soccer, hip hop, jokes and movies. I Want a platform to post my thoughts on life in general. Ultimately I want to be rich and known for doing something great, whether it be through blogging, comedy, rap even sports. It’s gonna be a hard road but i’m willing to climb that mountain. Imma try to make this one of the best blog, for young people out there in the struggle, and if you got any suggestions and comments don’t hesitate to ask. So if anyone sees this please tell someone about it and get em to check my blog out, maybe The Blog About Nothing will be known for something.


2 thoughts on “And it begins

  1. Good job, bro! You are actually doing something productive while on the computer! Keep it up, and don’t forget to thank god for everything! 🙂

  2. Am actually impressed, I will soon add your blog on my reads… am so happy you are taking this journey of blogging, I will be faithful reader am already liking what I read. I love u much cousin

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