I guess someone is reading

Alright then whats happening people, as I said in my first post this is a whole new thing for me and I’m happy to do this. Honestly I’ve been getting positive feedback and this makes me happy. I’ve gotten lots of ideas on what I should write about, from Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ratchets, Rap songs and so forth. Some people even saying I should write everyday and I love this because I need to flex these writing skills. I flip and flop around on what I wanna do when I’m older so i’m thinking of doing something involving writing. Today is October 6th 2013 and its the second time I’ve used wordpress and damn I’m learning something new everyday. I saw some stats on my site and I learned that I got 161 views on my first blog, and to that I’m grateful to everyone who saw it. So I’m thinking why not give these same people what they want, a fresh view on everything. So I thought I’d make a second blog post telling the people whats happening with me and what you guys have to look forward to in the future of this site. First of all everything’s gucci. Yesterday was hype with the crew, today is kind of a flop because its raining and I had plans. I’m currently listening to some music jamming at the crib. Enough about me, I’m going to be making some movements with this blog, first of all I’m making a new section called real talk, where I’m going to talk about random subjects in an unconventional way. I’ll keep it 3hunna meaning I’ll be completely honest on my thoughts. And I plan to make a page about movies, rap music and sports. The difference is I’m not going to talk or write about stuff that are lame in my opinion, so I ain’t going to review everything out there. First and foremost I want to hear from you guys in the comments, tell me if you want me to make the blog shorter or longer, if you want me to review a certain artist or movie. Tell your friends that there’s this blog from this random ass black guy. I got a message to the haters too, if you got something to say write it in the comments, maybe I am doing something wrong. I’m going to try to do this twice a week or three times because I got lots of things to do. I may not look busy but I am at times.  If your seeing this go to Real Talk I got something for you.


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