Black History Month

Its almost the end of February, so I’m almost sure I have to talk (or write) about Black History Month. I like Morgan Freemans point of view on Black History Month. He said, its preposterous, In an interview He was asked why he thought it was, he said it is because It is American History, so It should be treated like all other historical moments, just remembered and not focused on during a whole month. I love that view. Two main reasons, the first being we (Black people) were slaves was in the 17th and 19th century, we are currently in the 21st century. Its been a long time. Obviously the mistreatment of black people has not stopped but the mistreatment of Aboriginals, Asians, Spanish people has not stopped either. But why don’t we have a month for them? Is it because black people are the biggest majority? Nope, Aboriginals and Asians are more prevalent in Canadian society. Why don’t we have a Jewish history month? They’ve been through the holocaust, slavery in Egypt and are currently in a war for the Gaza strip. These are some examples to think about. Black people have come a long way since slavery, its time that we look at the positive instead of feeling constantly oppressed by “The Man”. Obviously we have it tough, but look at it this way, Italians weren’t accepted in the 1940’s 1950’s when they came in Canada and the U.S. Arabs are discriminated against and stereotyped as  terrorists, smelly, useless, taxi drivers. Even white people are seen as arrogant, over privileged oppressors. We all get put in a category.  Singling out a whole race of people for a month to highlight achievements is a perfect idea but in practice it’s one that has been played out and it is ironically unfair. The second point is Black people should have knowledge and be proud of being black from the beginning instead of having a month to remind us of our achievements. If most black youth were passionate about their culture and perused knowledge about their history there would be no need to for BHM. Look at the Chinese people. They know their bloodline, they constantly keep business in the family, they do not hide the fact that they are Chinese, they visit their country regularly to maintain their roots, and they do not even follow our calender. If black people were this proud of their heritage then it would seem incredible stupid to have a month that celebrate something you do all the other 11 months of the year. I’ve noticed this mostly with African youth. They try hard to assimilate into this foreign society (I say foreign because we belong to Africa). They try to be like their friends and forget their family or cultural beliefs. I’ve been guilty of this as well, but now that I’ve learned a lot more about where I’m from and put some pieces in the puzzle, I have a new found appreciation for black people especially Africans. People tend to forget, Africa is the richest country in the world, without it you would not have a phone, materials for your laptop or desktop, your wedding ring or even your existence because if you trace anyone’s bloodline deep enough we originated from Gondwanaland which is mostly Africa. I’m not going to preach or waste your time. But I’ll end it with this. Black, White, Asian, Spanish, etc, whatever your race, nationality or species, be proud of it and do not be afraid to express it, because we’re all beautiful. TRUTH