I dont know what to write about…

Alright, im bored out of my mind, felt like writing a post, flex my mediocre writing skills. I watched that new movie Robocop (Shouts out to B.Fri for the hook up) and thats what I think I’m gonna write about. I watched the original when i was a small kid, like 8 or 10. First time I saw it, it scared me no lie. People can become robots? HALF HUMAN TOO? I snapped! Then I saw it a few more times and it was pretty cool. But then I grew up and found out they were making a remake of the movie. Like most remakes I thought it was gonna be complete shit. I was right. 10minutes into the movie I was sleeping. The main reason I liked the first one was because of all the action. How about I tell you 50-60% of the movie is stupid plot and dumb talking. After I woke up and saw the action scenes it brought me back. By the way almost every character in the movie is an asshole, you start to like them then they do some snake ass shit. I won’t spoil anything but this movie was pretty bad. It got me angry from the start too because the black guy (not Samuel Jackson, but the other one) dies in the first 8minutes….remember its not a horror film, its an action movie. The action was actually good tho, you could follow what was actually going on. I thought this movie would be like Fast and Furious but with a RobotCop putting it in work. Honestly the best part of the movie is literally the last 2 minutes of the film. I’ll give you a hint, Samuel Jackson goes HAM. I would say this is the type of movie you rent, watch it at home with the boys and laugh at the stupid shit that happens. If you want to really have fun, go to a thrift shop (no Macklemore), buy a VHS player and buy the Robocop Cassette. You won’t regret it. Image


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