I’m not Ray Lewis or Joel Osteen, but I have a few words of motivation. If your unhappy about something take time in your day to analyze why you’re not happy about it. First look at it objectively, can you fix it? is it bad? can you compare it to others? should you compare it to others? I’ve known enough people who have a strange obsession with how big there nose is, how much acne they have, freckles, lips, scars, etc. But understand this, you can’t change those things and if you do (through plastic surgery or other means) it won’t change your mentality. The mind is stronger than anything in the human body. Its what makes an anorexic girl look in the mirror and think shes fat, or a body builder think he’s skinny. Now to change anything we’re not happy about we have to change our mentality. After you find what you’re unhappy about, and it is something fixable, something you can work hard to achieve a desired result. WORK HARD, to get to that goal. If its a fitness goal, then go to the gym. If its a life style goal, read a book about the subject. If its a relationship goal, speak to the person and tell them how you feel. The most important part of being motivated is STAYING motivated. Being consistent, persevering, relentless. Everyone has ambition, but its the level of ambition that makes us all different. They’re someone out there with the exact same issues as you, but the difference between you and him/her is they’re doing something about it. Work Hard. Even if you feel like you can’t do it any longer, Keep Working. Even if you don’t see results, Keep Working. Even if someone discourages you, Keep Working. Push yourself to the limit. Something that gets me motivated is when I look at where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to go. Make a realistic goal, and don’t be scared of failure. Work towards success. You should be working smarter today than you did yesterday! Never look at yourself in a negative light, think of yourself as an amazing beautiful smart person, constantly say encouraging things in your mind. Now go forth and get better! TRUTH


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