Real and True

Hold on hold on hold on Jay what the hell you doing, you can write other things than this one you doing. Well lets get past that lil joke and get to the subject. Being real and true. People out there have trouble describing or identifying what is real and true, or who is real and true. A lot of fake things in this world. But your reading my blog so I’ll tell you what I think is real and true. Love is real, Family is real, friendships are real and memories are real. Now those four things can’t be changed no matter what. When you love someone, you know it is real by the way your heart feels when you see, talk or think about them. Family is real because its in your blood and you will see them in most of your life. Friendships are real because everyone needs to communicate, laugh, play, explore, and become connected to. Memories are probably the realest because they shape you as a human, they’re always in your mind and they will always stay there. Now if we look at each of these four in an objective way, we can see that some of them can be fake or untrue. For example you can have lust and think its love, you can be adopted into a family, you can have fake friends and of course you can have shady memories of events in your life. I still think these four are still the realist things in most people’s lives because most people that have these four things they tend to be very real and not interested in being fake. Lets look at being true. Truth is something rare in this world. If you watch a commercial for a drug pill, they’ll tell you what they think will happen but they wait till the end to tell you the full truth, may cause diarrhea, abnormal acne, dizziness, lack of sleep, etc. This becomes a bigger issue when it comes to social relationships (friendships, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, etc), people will say one thing to your face then say something behind your back. Some will even snake (betray) you. Others will tell you half truths. Some will even pretend to be one thing when their completely something else. Now a true person walks in integrity, they’re not afraid to tell you the truth but they’ll deliver it in a compassionate way. We all know someone who says the truth, but says it brutally and with a lot of hate. Personally anything I say about a person to someone else, I have no trouble saying that to their face. I’m not with that gossip bullshit. If I don’t like you, you’ll know. I’ll say it to your face and explain myself. In my point of view that is how it should be. People should be transparent, not shady. I’m not going to tell anyone how to live, but I’ll suggest that if you like to talk about people behind their back, stop it today! Tell them how you feel, because by talking smack, your proving how weak you are. Never be afraid of confrontation, you will experience it throughout your life. Integrity is all about standing up for something you believe in and being TRUE! Anyone who has love, family, friendship, memories is experiencing a very real life and anyone who has integrity is a true person. If you have both, you will be a better person.


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