Mob Mentality

Its been a while huh? I’ve missed all 5 of you people that actually read this blog. Now the subject I’m hitting today is about Mob mentality and by Mob i don’t mean Money Over Bitches (Which I agree with), but group mentality. People have a sense of doing crazy things in a group environment. This explains things like Mosh Pits and Gangs for example. I’m not against Mob mentality but I think we should look at some of the actions people do in a group. Now If you’re in a group of 5 of your boys/girls, are you going to do something that you’ll regret? Not little things like drive a little over the speed limit, drink a few beers when mom is out the house or tagging a mall but I’m talking about going out with your boys and jumping somebody, gang rape, burning a building, robbing a store that’s when Mob Mentality is terrible. The best form to show passion in a Mob is getting together and going to a club, a party, a bar or a concert. Obviously things can take a bad turn but when people go to these functions the first thing on their mind isn’t burning shit up. In a mob you feel more confident because you know your crew has your back. This is good when it comes to meeting new people, doing things you’re afraid to do. Be an influence on your people, don’t be a sheep. It is better to walk alone with integrity than walk in a group with no moral character. That’s all I have to write. TRUTH 


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