Stupid wise and Smart idiots

“Act foolish to speak wise” -Adrian

When I was younger a wise person told me this quote, he heard it or read it from somewhere but I can’t remember where exactly. Its amazing what you learn from older people. I often seek guidance from people who are older than me. People who have lived a hard life, because we can relate. Not saying I’ve had a hard life but I’m saying I’ve lived one that is very….interesting. While I was descending from my cloud of thought, I decided why not write about this quote, this subject in general. There’s tons of smart people in this world but you could triple that number, multiply it to the power of 10 and still not be able to number the amount of dumb idiots are in this world. But trust me in life there are some exceptions. Lets start off with the Smart idiots.

Smart idiots sounds like an oxymoron (SCHOOLBOY Q) but let me explain. Someone can be smart in terms of book smarts, really intelligent, great at analyzing a situation and finding a logical solution. That same person could be a raging alcoholic that drives drunk on a weekly basis. Just because you’re blessed with superior intellect doesn’t being your not an idiot! You can know the 40 numbers in Pi but still not able to decide if you should smoke crack…Or Nah. People out there assume, “That girl is super smart, she has a bright future” but then you find out she’s doing Adderall every night to maintain that 95% average. People automatically assume that book smarts relate directly with wisdom and street smarts. Blame society, blame parents, blame culture, blame whatever the hell you want but at the end of the day It’s all about the individual and their personal judgement. A good example of this is Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor who did well academically, got accepted to Carleton, worked hard in his business and eventually became Mayor. We can all agree he’s an Idiot.

Now on the flip side, we have the Stupid wise. These are the type of people that are incredible aware and have natural instincts. These are also the types that have little to no chance of achieving success in the conventional way. They keep it real. They’re wise when it comes to interpersonal relationships, decision making, more self-aware and sometimes work ethic. These are not the people you ask to do a chemistry project with. Stupid wise is what my friend Adrian was all about and he taught me a few things about that type of mentality. A Stupid wise person is one that lays in the corner like a leopard, being stealthy with their approach, aware of he’s surroundings and surprising his prey, whether it be in the trees on the grass or even the shadows of the night. I don’t know if that metaphor was clear but I’m basically saying a stupid wise person can be secretly smart but hides it until the right time. A stupid wise doesn’t brag or show off intelligence, they’re meek. A carpenter in the Bible once said “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” Matthew 5:3. 

Let’s get this out of the way, being either one of these isn’t ideal. The ideal is being a balanced person who has traits of these two examples. Of course the worst combination is being a Stupid Idiot but I’m sure no one reading this is under that category. Ideally we all want to be Smart and wise, but that’s the hardest thing to obtain. I’ve tried to do it but I can’t. I’m too ignorant and dumb in a lot of areas, but I accept that I have the potential to be better. I used to brag about stupid things, but now I realize that’s vain. I’d rather just Do instead of say or repeat. I’d rather just live in the moment than focus on the future, or look back in the past. Before any of you log off the computer or shut off the phone, I suggest you listen to “I get high (Remix” by Styles P feat Redman, and Method Man. It might be a stoner song but Listen the the chorus and reflect on your memories and see if you can improve yourself. Improve to be wiser or smarter. Personally that song makes me feel like improving, than smoking a J. So are you Stupid wise or a Smart idiot?


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