Before you start reading ask yourself: What have you become?

Now you can look at this in two ways, in a negative way as If I’m asking you what’s wrong or In a positive light, you’re so great that it surprises me what you have become. Either way you look at this question It is very relevant. One of the rarest things people do is look back at who they were, there personal journey through this life. Look back 2 years ago! Are you the same, did you change? People out here are so worried about the future. “How am I gonna graduate? I need a car! I need to leave home! When am I getting a job? I can’t wait to get into shape! I can’t wait to go clubbing! How am I gonna get it in? blah, blah, blah.” You need to live in the PRESENT! Why you so worried about the future? Don’t live in the future, live in the present. ¬†Presently what have you accomplished, in the span of 2 years what have you done that makes you better than most. If you can’t name something quick off the top of your head then you haven’t done shit. If your not progressing your getting worse. Worrying so much about what you WILL do instead of what you are CURRENTLY doing is stupid. Focus on becoming something that is you are taking steps to achieve. If your trying to become a Doctor and your in the corner slanging dope, do you think you’ll achieve that goal? Dudes out here claiming they want money but they spend 70% of their time on Twitter, 25% on Instagram and 5% on naughty websites. Dudes claiming “Ball is Life” but spend more time playing 2k than the YMCA. Females claiming they want Mr.Right while they’re tossing it to Mr.HasAbout10STDs. Parents claiming they want good kids but then never talk to their children about things that matter. What we have become is a generation with goals but not enough ambition. When you look back 5 years ago have you became something you would be proud of. Most of us would say “No” for various reasons, but deep down the only person that held you back is you. You get what you put in. We put in our lives so much nonsense and guess what we get back….nothing. So what do we do in this situation, We change. I’m not talking Obama type change where we pretend things are getting better, I’m saying real change. Make some progress, make all kinds of gainz. I’ll leave you with this: Listen to Ambition by Wale featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross. They’re going to love you for your ambition. “They” can be used to describe your coworkers, managers, parents, peers, coaches, etc. One inspirational phrase that has stuck with me recently is by Ice-T “…the fuck do I care about him and all that shit, Go get some Money nigga”. TRUTH¬†