For the Love/Hate

Let me break it down real quick. People out here are so concerned about being loved or hated. I’ve noticed that folks love to be loved and look for approval by everyone, I find this weak. Personally I think you should have a group of haters, because then you know your doing something different. Look at the richest and most successful people in the world, they have competition and tons of haters but they still are making money. Bill Gates for example has competition with Apple and no matter how much they say “we’re cool with Microsoft” Apple competes with them and wants to end the empire Bill Gates built. This might not be the greatest example but I think its a small metaphor for how human nature works. A man can build himself up and have someone new come up to tear down the man who has been putting in work. So haters I got a solid message for all of you (you know exactly who you are): “KEEP IT UP!”. It inspires me, It refreshes me, It energizes me, Feed Me More (Ryback reference). Lets look at the reasons to hate 1. Jealousy 2. Influence to fit in 3. Insecurities 4.Boredom <—those are the only four I could think of.

1. A lot of people don’t like admitting to Jealousy but let’s get real: this is the main reason people hate. If someone is doing better than you, it is very natural to hate em’. If someone is more carefree and seems to have a better life then of course you’ll be jealous and then that leads to hate

2. People influence each other so much. If 1 charismatic person convinces a group of people to dislike someone then it will lead to hate. Example, Adolf Hitler convinced most Germans to hate Jews even though Jews did nothing to instigate the hate.

3. Insecurities are so potent. A self-confident and self-reliant person has no reason to hate on the people because he/she knows that everything is going to be fine and that they are good enough as they are, Insecure people are the opposite. Its even worse because they have something empty in them that gets filled with hate towards something or someone. This ties in with Jealousy.

4. Boredom is a disease, because you are not at ease when your bored. If your calm and easy with yourself you can sit in a room with no phone, no T.V, no computer, straight on the sofa staring at a wall and NOT be bored. When your empty, like most people are and you are easily influenced then you might shift your boredom into pure hate.

So now that we understand why the hate exists lets first recognize what to do in this situation: You can either fight it like a weak punk and look really soft while doing it or you can rise above that and prove that hating is natural occurrence. The beautiful thing about haters is that they don’t say it to your face. I say beautiful because it shows you that your not the one at fault for they’re assassination of your character. Basically they hate cuz your doing better. So you should respond with kindness, a smile, a joke and ” Ouu kill em” (Terrio) with kindness. If you don’t have a band of haters then your really not doing shit. Listen to “If I were a lame” by Wiz Khalifa thats my music recommendation. Stay intellectual and be a savage but don’t be a lame. #Truth


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