Movie Reviews

Recently I’ve seen a lot of movies so I’ll break down each of em in about 2-3 sentences. If you disagree, don’t be shy to comment bellow.

1.Non-Stop—This is the movie with Liam Neeson where he’s an plane police guy (or whatever that thing is called), Its actually a crazy movie, the plot twists are at another level. Its realistic in some ways but unrealistic with some of the fight scenes, I know its not in theaters no more but its a worth a look on DVD.

2.Noah–No lie I loved this movie. Even if you’re not religious at all I recommend you watch this film, It deals with basic aspects of human nature; greed, jealously, sacrifice, etc but It also deals with fatherhood and what it means to be a man. This is a fitting movie for fathers day and if you have a daddy then watch this with him. Favorite scene was when the villain guy says his speech (you’ll know what I’m talking about) and That harry potter girl was crying in every freakin scene, It was cool at first but by the 50000th time I got pissed.

3.The Other Ones–I usually don’t like horror movies cause they’re soft and I was right about this one, pure garbage (no need to recycle this). 1 thing in the movie made me slightly move, and it was the last scene. S/O to Alex Lost for being there to witness the disaster.

4.Draft Day–I’m a football guy so guess how much I loved this film? It was dope! There was actually 4-5 minutes total of actual football happening but you get interested in the story of the guy trying to build up the Cleveland Browns from the dust by drafting an impact player with the 1st overall pick. Every football fan should watch this, Its poetic how the actual 2014 NFL Draft is very similar to this movie.

5.Neighbors–Eyyyy this movie was actually the funniest film I’ve seen in years…yes I said years!! Maybe cause I don’t watch movies often but yo this had me rolling on the floor. No joke you can’t watch this alone though, If your against racist, sexist, sexual, drug, and party jokes then (your lame as hell) do not watch this movie.

6.Belle–Great movie, search it up. It surprised me actually, Its one of those films that wins awards. Its serious 99.99% of the time so don’t watch it under the influence. I recommend it to everyone.

7.Godzilla–Pure garbage…on to the next one.

8.X-Men Days of Future Past–Wolverine is my dude but yo Magneto and Mystique was too nice in this one. Maybe it was the peanut butter M&Ms I was eating but this film was sick, I only slept for 10 minutes which is impressive cause I wasn’t conscious during most of Godzilla. By the way Halle Berry was looking proper in this movie, I’d take her over Mystique any day of the week including Sunday (Lord have mercy)

If you disagree comment, If you agree then your a normal human being.


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