As I move on to a new chapter in my life I have to look back and reflect on my memories. I had lots of fun experiences and they overshadow the low points but what makes all these experiences fun is I had great Friends along the way. Friends are really important and their one of the hardest things to find. Real Friends not acquaintances. Real friends are people you can sit down and talk to for 3 hours about topics like the issue in Syria to the stupidest Worldstarhiphop video you just saw. Real friends are with you in your triumphs and failures, they don’t discourage but criticize to improve you. Real friends can be like family, even if you don’t live with them or have any blood relations. I remember since grade 3 I’ve had a great friend who eventually went out of my last over the past year and reconnecting with him was one of the highlights of 2014. Its amazing how things change but still stay the same. We connect on a deep level, we got our inside jokes and just understand each other. I realized slowly that I have tons of acquaintances than Real friends, and I believe this is the case with most people. When I came to this epiphany I decided why not cut all these people off, people that are a waste of time. I’m not going to have a small superficial conversation with a random person I haven’t seen in over 3 months, nah bro that’s a waste of time. Its human nature to go away from anything chasing us, so why chase friends or actively pursue someone who you know won’t reciprocate your interest? So I’m currently cutting people off and If you haven’t heard from me in a while then guess what…your cut. Cutting people is good because It helped me focus on the ones that truly care, instead of being everyones buddy I’d rather be a best friend. I like people that are interesting and different. I’m not going to hang out with no basic bitch or basic nigga, I’m trying to see different perspectives. So I became a lot more introverted and maybe a little anti-social. If you listen to Jay Rock “Anti-Social” then you’ll understand my mentality. I actually enjoy time alone because I enjoy having my own thoughts and when I’m with acquaintances they drag me down, when I could easily be making progress (in the gym, at work, making money, eating, etc). So my recommendations is to keep your circle small. The bigger the crew the more snakes in that squad. Rocko said “don’t like snakes keep my grass cut so low can’t een mow it”. So cut those acquaintances, cause some of em might be snakes. Music recommendation for today  “Tired of talkin” by Lil Bibby


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