Poetry On People: B.N

Let me preface this by saying these are real, I wrote them about real situations and my feelings/thoughts. No names will be mentioned in any of these poems.



I barely know you B*****

My Instincts scare me

Your young, Wild and Free

I’m scared of what you’ll be

Drugs and Alcohol

Is how you console

I feel like you have a hole

Pierced by your ex

Used you for sex

Now your lost and afraid

Probably need some Aid

I sound old and Un-Kool

But I don’t want to see you fail

You remind me of another B*****

She scared me too

I see what she goes through

But don’t change for me, Change for you

I wanted you as conquest, something to show

But despite your facial symmetry, you need to grow

I won’t be your hero or your man

I’ll help you through, do the best I can

So when I see you, no flirting indeed

Cause despite my bad Intentions I want you to succeed.  


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