The Post Bout Nothing


Its how our world began, and ultimately how it will end. Now This blog is about nothing yet my posts are very diverse, if you don’t get the irony you probably failed grade 8 English. So this is a post to remind the trolls, new people, old folks and lowkey fans (I know who you are lol) what this is about. If you look at my progression since my first post, which was weak by the way, I mentioned that I’d attack various subjects but Its been very difficult with my schedule and other things coming up in my life. So I’m making a new commitment to posting more frequently because I used to think no one reads this but Gawd Damn!! I love the support, and if any of you have comments on how to improve my blog or anything you want to hear feel free to comment. I’ll respond. So before my blog turns into nothing (literally) help me make it into something.




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