On Happiness

What is happiness and how do we define it? 

This is a very philosophical question, but I won’t go too deep into it because ancient Greek philosophers had issues with this  I won’t be the 19 year old kid that’s going to figure it out. I’ll keep this brief and look at most angles of what happiness means to most of us. We put more value on different things in our lives during different periods. When we’re babies we found joy in sleeping and breast milk, toddlers found it in playtime, kids found it in recess and teens found it in alcohol. All these examples are immediate pleasures, not long term. It’s impossible for us to go back in our infancy and try to understand what made us happy, our brains were very simple and we never really thought about long term happiness we lived day to day, depending on our parents for everything. When we got older we started to have those thoughts about the future, what makes us happy. The connections we make with our family, our friends, our community made us happy. We start to expand our social circle by letting people in that benefit us and make us better people. They give us new perspectives on how to view the world, Making us laugh, explore, listen, talk, and fully express ourselves. The connections we make help us be who we want to be in a time where we are not too sure who we are. I’m talking about adolescence. Happiness can’t be defined universally but we know deep in our soul what it is. Its that feeling of sunshine in our hearts, that feeling of flying above the sky, the feeling of a warm fire on the coldest nights. You feel happy because you are secure, no danger is around and you can truly be yourself. That’s why those who are the aware are perceived as unhappy people. Have you ever noticed that the stupidest people seem to be the happiest? It’s because they don’t care, they let go. I don’t know about you but when I let go, things fall into place and I end up feeling much better about any situation that I’m in. Just like swimming, when you tense up you drown and if you’re trying to float it’s better to let go, don’t force it and let the tide take you. People who are very aware or intelligent have so much on their minds that they forget to let go. This is a generalization that I’m making off observations. When you learn to let go and not care about what everyone thinks you start to do what makes you happy. Of course theirs bounds of reason, don’t go shooting up a school if that’s what brings joy to you. I’m talking about a happiness that brings peace of mind, that makes you feel secure. That’s why love is in demand, because it makes us happy. Pursuing happiness is one of the hardest things to do. People think money, drugs, sex, alcohol are the things that make you happy. Maybe for a year, a month, a week, a day or a minute but we all know that they will all go away and at the end its you who has to decide: Do I want real happiness or immediate pleasures? So what’s the point of this post, wtf am I getting to? Even If I’ve been circling around my thesis I’ll lay it down like this: Live In The Present. That’s the key to happiness in my mind at this point in my life. Whenever you let go and live in the present, forgetting the past and not focusing too much on your future, you will come to notice all the good things in your life that make you happy. So Live in the present, because its a gift and you get to unwrap everyday (Santa Clause is feeling jealous right now). 


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