Summer: A preview of my Transition post

This is a preview of my a larger post that I’m preparing. I never really prepare for a post, but I’m planning on writing something on the transitional period between teenager to young adult. For the preview post I’ll use rhyme and post Transition another time.

Summer is almost done and we all had fun

Weather your measure of joy is consuming wine

Smoking on something to pass the time

Passing the football, kicking balls or doing either

Waiting 113 minutes to see the last goal of Fifa

Those Mario Cart fiends, night owls, very wide eyes

August 29th its amazing how time flies!

Boys to Men trying to find knowledge, what is true?

Corny love songs in girls minds “I’ll make love to you”

Loneliness slips inside every heart

It all comes together in the summertime yet we’re all apart

Summer with its bright skies and starry nights

Annoying rains and mosquito bites

The relaxation and ease of mind

Now back to school makes us want to rewind

Should we rewind to a time so dear?

A transparency that was literally clear?

I’m not talking water, cause the Ot river dirty 

I’m talking clear as in simple and free!

Now structure awaits most of us, It pains me to see

But for this last weekend, let’s live Young and Wild and Free.




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