Look What You’ve Done

I walked hard and Long for this 

Saw my goal sooner than It appeared

Took the wrong path, it disappeared

Thought the crowd cheered, It was all “boo”s

So I inhaled and drowned booze

I smiled happy It was all fun

Looked at the compass “You lost, hun”

Looked at the score “You lost son”

Looked beside me, saw family

And they all proclaimed finally:

Look What You’ve Done

They prayed for me

Stayed with me

No money spent, it was all for free

This Django Unchained was set free

I didn’t ride to the sunset

This black cowboy wasn’t done yet

Spent plenty hours on the grind

Worked hard my big behind

None of this I would rewind

From honouring roll to Honour Roll (That was a pun)

Look what you’ve done

Now it’s all new 

What must I do?

Jay is this the new you?

People in you’re life come and go

That special hoe

That dirty bro

That cousin, Uncle you don’t talk to

But you feel like the man, when you Walk Thru

From poor nigga to Rich Homie

Some Type of Way like DaQuan is me

This confidence make it seem easy

This poem is starting to seem cheesy

And I know all the rats can smell

But I’ll tell them I’m doing well

Even if I mess things up

Still pour Daniels in my cup

Laugh and ask them fakes “what up?”

This old chapter is almost done

Next time I’ll be worried about one

So before I walk straight or jump the gun

I’ll ask myself:

Look what you’ve done?


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