The Cover Up

One thing I value above most is honesty

In plain sight, transparency

I HATE cover ups

Secrets are stupid

So many people are liars

Don’t claim lighters after fires

These lies burn inside or Do they enhance our desires?

We will lie to preserve the truth

This is a human problem not just youth

But why? why? Tell me that its human nature?

No its not that Black and White

We all cover up and bleach ourselves

To the cleanest, purest version

Can you see the Irony?

Our lies can be dark: “I didn’t kill” -Zimmerman, Dr.Murry, Officer Wilson, O.J Simpson

Or whiter than snow: “Yes mom, I cleaned my room”

Deception is something we are all guilty

In an objective sense we are all filthy

We cover up our faces, hours of make-up

We drink to excess. cover that depression

We smoke till we’re faded, numbing the pain

Pop another molly, lows to highs

Pop some tags, “Cost me 359$”

Watch my likes, Dudes say I’m fine 😉

But when I’m alone all I have is fear

No Fuck That, I need rap in my ears

SHIT phone died, loneliness nears

Daddy’s home, drunk off 8 beers

He gets mad, I grind his gears

Beats me, even neighbors hear

But for now I’ll Cover Up

Hoping I’ll finally Disappear


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