Look at your life

No really look at it.

Is it good? Is it fun? Is it interesting? 95% of you are thinking “no” the other 5% are probably not reading this blog. So do these questions even matter? Before I start a tangent on life and what really matters I’ll preface this by saying I’m a young adult so I have little to no idea how this huge topic called life can be compressed in a written form. So I’ll just tell you what I see awesome people do and what I’m trying to do to make my life more “rich”. Recognize this undeniable fact: The successful go after their goals. They do not just look and dream of doing things, no, they focus, make a calculated plan of action, Commit and eventually reach their goals. This reminds me of Herschel Walker, NCAA Heisman winning Running Back. When he was 10 he was the chubbiest kid in class, looked like Fat Albert and on top of that he was pretty dumb. Obviously bullying and racism ensued (black boy in the south) so he had two choices: let the depression, anger, and hurt consume him or make himself better! Guess what he did? He did about 1000 sit ups a day and 500 push ups, he raced the train to improve his speed and he did not just do this once in a while he did this EVERY day. Look at your life. We all have goals, we all have dreams, passions, and aspirations but what makes us different from Herschel Walker is that we don’t actually go for our goals. We do not fully commit. We see adversity and instead of looking at its big ugly face we decide to run like little kids that just a Zombie on Halloween night.

I’m not a holy being that is exempt from this conclusion, I too have fallen short many times when It comes to my personal aspirations, but I took them as learning experiences. If I focused time on my failures I’d be tying a rope around my neck and kicking the chair. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So miss me with that b.s, Look at the future while still living in the moment. We waste so much time focusing on our shortcomings in the past that we neglect all the small victories in our lives. Are you breathing? Reading? Browsing the web? Of course you are, and those are all victories. You are alive, you are literate and you have wifi in the house to browse the web, you’re doing better than most. We have to understand that living in the present moment is something we got to appreciate, without analyzing our current situation we end up missing out on the small yet influential things. A person who is very aware of their surroundings is more likely to find a 20$ bill on the ground than a guy walking furiously to the bus station, wait for the 95 and go back to his saturated lifestyle while the Mr.Awareness is enjoying a free fresh Shawarma with sesame sauce. So be more aware of the present. Disregard the past, if its not helping you grow, its making you slow. The biggest block between you and success is YOU.

I’ve been rambling a little too much, this post wasn’t planned, like 99% of my other posts lol. So in summation, set goals, go for them, commit and live in the present. You have all heard the term “Today is a gift that’s why they call it the present” that is very true, on the same note, Today could be your last day on earth. So what will you be remembered for, a waste of space? Live in the present, enjoy the now and make plans for the future. Because when you are 70, showing your grand-children facebook photos of yourself, they will look in awe and say “Look at your life!”