About a year ago

I really have no reason to write but I will.

So I’ve been busy over the last few days and I really shouldn’t be, this is the Christmas break and it is a break, from school, from stress, from structure but I see the exact opposite. I’ve never been great with time management but recently I had to change everything in order to really get things done but this new change makes me reflect brings on how different things are every single year. Literally a year ago I was sleeping in my Cousins room, in my Aunts House, In a compound in Gatenga, Kigali, Rwanda.

I’ve never written about my experience there but I must confess, it is too deep for me to summarize it into a blog post, but I can try. I’ll be completely honest I have no idea when I landed but I can tell you that it was a long trip, literally 2 full days. My mom, 13 year old sister, 3 year old sister (the amount of luggage I had to carry. LAWD HAVE MERCY ON MY ARMS!!) and me woke up at 6 am to catch a bus at the train station heading to the Montreal Airport. We caught it at 7 am, gave our last hugs to my Aunty J and lil Cousin then took drove into this adventure. I sat in the back of the bus listening to “The Motion” “Come thru” by Drake and “Fire” by Big Sean, this became a reoccurring theme.

About two hours later we finally got the airport and went to get our tickets for our KLM flight, Montreal to Amsterdam. This was my first trip out of Canada since I immigrated here in 2003. I was excited, nervous, but surprisingly relaxed. I’ve always been a mellow person, I usually don’t stress. The only thing that really annoyed me was how much luggage I had to carry, There was sooooooooo many bags and half of them were 50+ pounds and as the only guy on this expedition I had to carry them, this was the unwritten rule. At the same time my mom can get disorganized at times, I don’t blame her but when you’re one of the last people to board an 8 hour flight it does get annoying. My one goal was window seat! I was lucky enough to sit beside a German couple that cared more about cuddling during the flight than looking at clouds surrounding the aircraft.

The liftoff was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced, I felt like a little kid going on his first roller coaster. I felt butterflies in my stomach and immediately felt my ears plunged like a plumber trying to fix you’re brown disaster. When we started to coast I was so excited! I had to contain myself and not look/act like an amateur. On the surface I was as cool as a cucumber but deep down I was turning up like ILOVEMAKONNEN on a Tuesday. That feeling disappeared after 2 hours in this plane, when my ass started to feel numb and the Movies on the screen in front of me got boring. The occasional coffee/tea helped but I was bored out of my mind. I caught sleep when the sky got dark and Eventually woke up the light of day over Europe. After 8 hours we landed at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, Mid December 2013.

A year later I’m in my room writing a blog, wow time goes fast.

To Be Continued……

Back from the dead

I haven’t been here in a while. Mostly because I was procrastinating maybe a little bit worried about what to write about. I’ve been busy over the last few months but things are changing and as I grow I hope my readers are growing too. So to keep it all the way 100, I’m not going to plan any of my posts. It is better to just let the creativity spill out than just plan it out as if I’m some captain of a literary ship. I love the disorder and randomness of life, so I’m going to hop on the keyboard whenever my mind tells me to, maybe three times a week, maybe once every 3 months. It’s annoying I know, but much love to everybody on this journey, who knows where we can sail. I hope you enjoy these poems, and I want you to give feedback, suggestions and even discussion. Much Love.

K.L (Revised)

I hate you!
Not for what I expected but
for the stupid hope you gave
When I disappeared
Found someone else, you cared
What you say you want
and what you actually want
are two completely different things
I might sound salty but
You caused a wound
Months ago you mattered the most
I look back and maybe i was lost
Maybe I found you
The projected image, the shadow
Then I saw the original
The real
A lost girl
Playing games, it’s not recess
So Fuck You.

Fountain of youth

An old man took me to
a fountain deep in the woods
He said
“Son, drink and you will see the truth”
Both hands dove in, water meet my mouth
I looked
I felt that there was a change
The water displayed something strange
A baby
I turned my head to my amazement
The old man was young, a rearrangement
He said
“Age is time, so we went back”
I cried
Then realized I peed myself

Win the Bad Way

Why does it matter?
Why people say after?
Walk in streets of praise
Waking up accomplished
Waving and taunting the lost
Wreaking the opponent
Wrongfully attaining the goal and being a
Warrior among cowards
Winning the right way
Working for and with others
Worshiping the process, not the result
Winning it for others
Not for you but for sisters and brothers

Silent Snow

I went to a broken home
To meet with O.T
A bungalow in Vanier, Eastside of OT
flurries of white descending
world turnt upside down, asending
Ears numb and my nose of course
But the silent snow
gave me excitement in the cold
Blood running through my veins
Warmth spreading and hard palpitations
I walk in the house
He’s sitting, sees the smile on my face
He uses six words to say premises
Did I mention his name is OT Genesis?