I’d be lying If I said I don’t think about you at least once a day
We connect at a level that is off the shelf, roof, skies, planets or anything else
Liberated from the societal pressures of a homogeneous culture, I can be myself
When we meet it was strange because our paths were never meant to cross
5 months later, I feel a sudden loss
We were not lost but we found something that was essential a long time ago
Now the spark that ignited this flame has been extinguished by the firefighter that is Pride
The Station of Self Sabotage
Fully equipped with fire trunks of jealousy and the water of sour emotions
It’s ironic how rain fell on us when the flame seemed eternal
Now I stand in showers of sorrow not for what Could, Should, Would but for
What DID
Nothing was the same and we knew that since October
No OVO references because what we got is over
Would It make me a coward to hide? Or face this fire?
No firefighters in sight
Just you and me
As We


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