Fourfive Seconds (Jaymix)

This fire is rising inside my stomach
running up my esophagus to exit my mouth.
You won’t expect it.
Even when I was mad, I hid it
because all of my kindness, You took it for weakness
What would you do?
If you saw this Dragon, four seconds
from burning you, 5 feet from fire.
This cave took 3 days to travel
two words inflicting pain
One action
But I refrain.
What you saw wasn’t an illusion
Just the manifestation of the shadow, Its real form
Scary yet pure
We ignored It, poured another drink.
Five shots we started wildin’
Now we look at each other and think
After all this, this crazy thing
Could all disappear in a blink
So lets enjoy what we have, it’s too late
To Rewind

I Will Be

When I was 5, 10, 15
I told myself “I will be”
The grass on the other side was green
The sun was shining on me
Little did I know it was a sunset
Night started covering the sky
Loss, I was on my last set
Asking the heavens “WHY?”
Looking East, I slowly turned my head
Sun rising and this star finally said
“You Will Be!”

Black Rose

I went to the flowery store
looking for the perfect one
first aisle, second row I stopped
To see two different
One whiter than an Ipad air
Gleaming in the light like summer clouds
Beautiful, Angelic and fair
I ignored the thorns and grabbed three white
Before my leave, I saw the black
At first I was in fear but it
Charmed, As strange as that sounds
I’ve never seen this type so I got 2
The melanin that surrounded my skin
gave me comfort with this strange plant
To most it was flawed, wrong, strange and dirty
But it’s beauty was skin deep
It was Original, Different, Exotic and Strong
The cashier said they were on sale
So I bought the tallest, largest rose
And I surround it with six
White Roses