Some Movie Reviews

I remember a while back when I reviewed movies, I had some good feedback and I’d like to try it again. It’s hard to be consistent and give out content but I like hearing from you and I love suggestions. A friend of mine asked that I revisit my movie reviews and from the success of Poetry Challenge I thought “why not?”. So let me explain how I review movies, I’m not a critic, but I have standards. Each movie I try to go in with an open mind and try to NOT see any reviews or gain any opinion from outside sources. Obviously I can’t block out everything but I usually try to. I probably spend too much time at the movies and I enjoy it regardless, my reviews will be quick and to the point. No stars, No ratings, No thumbs up, No thumbs down, No tomato meter, just pure truth and honesty, condensed.

Jurassic World: I never saw the original. From what I saw this movie was good, it wasn’t excellent, it wasn’t bad either, it was just good. The action was nice, a few scary parts but I think if there was more blood it would make more sense with the action. The fight scene at the end was my favorite part. Watch it on a boring Thursday.

Ant-Man: So damn funny! I loved this movie. I think if I was a full comedy it would have been better. Micheal Pina is the soul of this movie (he also reminds me of a co-worker). Watch it with the crew and enjoy, highly recommended.

Ted 2: As weird as this sounds, I didn’t find this movie as funny as I wanted it to be. It was funny, no doubt but It seemed random. Would I watch it twice? No. Would I watch it after turning up or finishing off the night? Yes.

Terminator Genysis: I’m not a huge Terminator fan but I remember seeing the first one at 8 years old and being scared for my life. More than 10 years later this movie comes out, It’s confusing as hell. I stopped trying to figure it out and just loved the action. This is one for the squad. Watch it in D-Box (if available) no need to watch it twice tho.

Spy: YES YES YES. Out of all the movies I’ve named so far you HAVE to watch this one. Good for any audience (but don’t bring the little kids). Funny, Smart, Quick, Vulgar and there’s a rapper near the end of the movie. Need I say more?

Trainwreck: LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO! The best movie out right now. I’m not even going to explain why, just go see it and Thank Me Later for this review (sidenote: Check out “Back to Back” by Drake, he bodied Meek Mill).

Paper Towns: This movie was just there, middle of the road type of movie. I really thought it would be refreshing. The main characters are interesting but they barely mature. It’s not very relatable. Some hilarious parts but that can’t save this movie. I like that this movie is unpredictable but that’s pretty much it. Basic movie. Catch Trainwreck, Spy or Ant-Man instead.


Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

More to come next week

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The Ending

…must be better than the start, must inspire
The begging was what ignited the fire
Set everything in motion
The tides of this ocean
Would these Cold Flames be ended by H2O?
One More Chance isn’t revival but room to grow?
Is there an end, planned, like #JusticeForSandyBland ?
Will this journey leave me a Hopeless Man?
So hopeless I look up At the Crescent Moon
SCREAM OUT in pain for my life isn’t a Silver Spoon!
should I be anything but who I am or just seek perfection?
My aesthetics flawed from nose to nape then nape to toes
My state of mind isn’t Auschwitz yet lacks concentration
Encourages me to be mindful in a state of meditation
But my life is blurry, it won’t end, not now not today
Tomorrow my clock might run out, I do not know
Socrates might say I’m Tripartite but “no” is what I say
I am one, I am whole, yet I am not fulfilled still I go
On a never ending journey that concludes with an interlude
Then changes from into anything that begins, Act II
Some say it’s reincarnation but it’s the circle of life, it’s understood
When life is done and my flesh ceases to be, this I will go through
I’m not chosen, my life is a boat sailing this never ending sea
But where I land, we’ll see, I’m not just the boat, the sailor is me
Like water I never end or leave just evaporate and condense
Thanks for supporting the Poetry Challenge, you made it a success

#PoetryChallenge Day 7
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We all want to fit a frame

make the perfect picture

but what is perfection?

have you ever seen it

or do you want to be it?

It’s like running in circles

a sphere that is never ending

so let’s quit pretending

that this frame is real

and learn to deal

with the imperfections

the crooked smiles, the noses, the stomach, the mouth

or our mind’s goals, ambitions, confidence will go south

#PoetryChallenge Day 6

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Hopeless Man

Staring at the clouds as they pass by

a scary thought creeps in my minds eye

Why are you here? What’s you’re purpose?

What is inside, what is beyond the surface?

All these years of working and living yet I sit and stare

all the directions life has taken me but the destination is where?

Am I bound to be n the clouds or hell when I die

or is my body going to be food for every worm and fly.

Is everything I learned in church a lie?

Then what’s the point of being good, being alive, should I even try?

I’ve never had love yet I’ve been loved

I’ve loved but instead of reciprocating my love was mugged

by the criminal that is disappointment

I’m a hopeless man, no passion, no goals, no mission

If I was in a fight I’d tap for submission.

Now I grab this noose and stare at the clouds

for the last time

What is a hopeless man worth?

A man who goes through the motions

with no clear emotion

An energizer bunny always on the go

but when asked the destination, he doesn’t know.

I left a letter in my apartment for my family to see

I’m a hopeless man and the world doesn’t need me

I was never the worst nor was I the best

It’s time to end this middle life and go to eternal rest

#PoetryChallenge Day 5


Why? Why? Why?

I’ve got questions, why her and why that?

stopping her because she failed to signal

it’s not like she was a drug lord criminal

it’s not like she shot 9 people in a church

it’s not like she was suspicious enough to stop and search

A democratic nation that encourages free speech

but when Sandy spoke truth and started to preach

Encinia had to break this smart pretty peach

So talking back is a crime? Are you our masters?

Are we going to bow down to every command or request?

Slavery is what you’re trying to suggest.

So you’re a good cop for beating an innocent woman?

For fabricating a narrative of this violent she-demon?

Who rightfully questioned her arrest and allegedly questioned (and ended) her life

but we know you lied, you always do, you killed her because of that “strife”

you lying vermin, you wolf in sheep’s clothing, and this I can’t question because it is true

remember Black people, if you question a racist person of authority, they’ll kill you


#PoetryChallenge Day 4

Cold Flames

There was a girl who loved skipping rope

skip Skip Skip all day long

her favorite school event was “Jump rope for hope”

she was the best, she was always strong

when people asked her why she dd it so much

she would explain with a whisper and say

“Its good exercise, help me get rid of lunch”

she would laugh, it was funny until the day

people meet her parents and finally understood

her mother was a pageant queen, she was beautiful

her father was a personal trainer, his body was good

from a young age her plate was never full

“Jasmin you have to watch your calories”

“Jasmin we’re busy today go to the park, we.ll be back”

but they were never their in the first place

skip to stay healthy lose fat in the stomach, arms, back

this was never enough, there was always a case

Skipping was her escape, her release from the cage

the cage her parents, media, friends and bullies made.

#PoetryChallenge Day 3

Silver Spoon

The food was amazing as always
he didn’t add the pepper like most days
It was strange but that’s how they are
They get mad at a remark
Is it hard to spotlessly clean the car
I hate it when they act like we’re equal
That’s comparing a duck to an eagle
We are not the same
You’re lazy and complacent
Such a shame
But my dad worked for this and I do too
See we are not the same: me and you
I’m the one who writes the cheque
You waste it, then wait for the next
I invest and we both know I’m better
I’m a go getter and you’re a settlerĀ 
It’s not like I never had to struggle
Or as you’re culture likes to say “hustle”
My dad may be a CEO
My mom may run an NGO
But doesn’t mean I had a silver spoon
I’ve had depression, I’ve had drug issues
I’ve had pain deeper than my pockets
And we both know how deep that is
So don’t compare us
I’m on a different plain
But you, you’re plain
I may be vain
But then again
We are not the same
Now pass me that pepper

#PoetryChallenge Day 3

The Crescent Moon

Walking the path I never expected
The silence creeps every step
I’m facing him soon but I look up
At the Crescent Moon

You could say I deserved this but
You’d be wrong and that’s also true
Actions like a loon still looking up
At the Crescent Moon

My handcuffs hurt my wrist but
It’s not the first time I’ve had em on, but
I forgot them cause I was looking
At the Crescent Moon

It’s crazy cause that son of bitch deserved it
You can’t mess with me and expect me not to destroy you
Now you’re in a casket and I’m walking this green mile, staring, for the last time
At the Crescent Moon

#PoetryChallenge Day 2

One More Chance

When you know that the failures of the past

tend to grow

and the wounds of yesterday heal slow

you always wonder why it was so fast

both of us sculptors of this masterpiece

broken and no sign of peace

were we dumb to think it would last

they way I felt around you

the tings you said around me

could it be that we weren’t meant to be

they told us that our union was vile

you came from Venus so Martians weren’t your style

our perplexing presence was the present

we gave to each other

but its not the present

its the past

our past

and I gave you all I could

and you gave me everything you could

but this broken houses needed more than wood

our fire ran out

i had to run out

because nothing was the same

One more chance? I wish…

Sculptures, presents, house all the same

We were perfect partners but too perfect to fit a frame

#PoetryChallenge Day 1