One More Chance

When you know that the failures of the past

tend to grow

and the wounds of yesterday heal slow

you always wonder why it was so fast

both of us sculptors of this masterpiece

broken and no sign of peace

were we dumb to think it would last

they way I felt around you

the tings you said around me

could it be that we weren’t meant to be

they told us that our union was vile

you came from Venus so Martians weren’t your style

our perplexing presence was the present

we gave to each other

but its not the present

its the past

our past

and I gave you all I could

and you gave me everything you could

but this broken houses needed more than wood

our fire ran out

i had to run out

because nothing was the same

One more chance? I wish…

Sculptures, presents, house all the same

We were perfect partners but too perfect to fit a frame

#PoetryChallenge Day 1


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