Silver Spoon

The food was amazing as always
he didn’t add the pepper like most days
It was strange but that’s how they are
They get mad at a remark
Is it hard to spotlessly clean the car
I hate it when they act like we’re equal
That’s comparing a duck to an eagle
We are not the same
You’re lazy and complacent
Such a shame
But my dad worked for this and I do too
See we are not the same: me and you
I’m the one who writes the cheque
You waste it, then wait for the next
I invest and we both know I’m better
I’m a go getter and you’re a settler 
It’s not like I never had to struggle
Or as you’re culture likes to say “hustle”
My dad may be a CEO
My mom may run an NGO
But doesn’t mean I had a silver spoon
I’ve had depression, I’ve had drug issues
I’ve had pain deeper than my pockets
And we both know how deep that is
So don’t compare us
I’m on a different plain
But you, you’re plain
I may be vain
But then again
We are not the same
Now pass me that pepper

#PoetryChallenge Day 3


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