Cold Flames

There was a girl who loved skipping rope

skip Skip Skip all day long

her favorite school event was “Jump rope for hope”

she was the best, she was always strong

when people asked her why she dd it so much

she would explain with a whisper and say

“Its good exercise, help me get rid of lunch”

she would laugh, it was funny until the day

people meet her parents and finally understood

her mother was a pageant queen, she was beautiful

her father was a personal trainer, his body was good

from a young age her plate was never full

“Jasmin you have to watch your calories”

“Jasmin we’re busy today go to the park, we.ll be back”

but they were never their in the first place

skip to stay healthy lose fat in the stomach, arms, back

this was never enough, there was always a case

Skipping was her escape, her release from the cage

the cage her parents, media, friends and bullies made.

#PoetryChallenge Day 3

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