Why? Why? Why?

I’ve got questions, why her and why that?

stopping her because she failed to signal

it’s not like she was a drug lord criminal

it’s not like she shot 9 people in a church

it’s not like she was suspicious enough to stop and search

A democratic nation that encourages free speech

but when Sandy spoke truth and started to preach

Encinia had to break this smart pretty peach

So talking back is a crime? Are you our masters?

Are we going to bow down to every command or request?

Slavery is what you’re trying to suggest.

So you’re a good cop for beating an innocent woman?

For fabricating a narrative of this violent she-demon?

Who rightfully questioned her arrest and allegedly questioned (and ended) her life

but we know you lied, you always do, you killed her because of that “strife”

you lying vermin, you wolf in sheep’s clothing, and this I can’t question because it is true

remember Black people, if you question a racist person of authority, they’ll kill you


#PoetryChallenge Day 4


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