Hopeless Man

Staring at the clouds as they pass by

a scary thought creeps in my minds eye

Why are you here? What’s you’re purpose?

What is inside, what is beyond the surface?

All these years of working and living yet I sit and stare

all the directions life has taken me but the destination is where?

Am I bound to be n the clouds or hell when I die

or is my body going to be food for every worm and fly.

Is everything I learned in church a lie?

Then what’s the point of being good, being alive, should I even try?

I’ve never had love yet I’ve been loved

I’ve loved but instead of reciprocating my love was mugged

by the criminal that is disappointment

I’m a hopeless man, no passion, no goals, no mission

If I was in a fight I’d tap for submission.

Now I grab this noose and stare at the clouds

for the last time

What is a hopeless man worth?

A man who goes through the motions

with no clear emotion

An energizer bunny always on the go

but when asked the destination, he doesn’t know.

I left a letter in my apartment for my family to see

I’m a hopeless man and the world doesn’t need me

I was never the worst nor was I the best

It’s time to end this middle life and go to eternal rest

#PoetryChallenge Day 5


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