The Ending

…must be better than the start, must inspire
The begging was what ignited the fire
Set everything in motion
The tides of this ocean
Would these Cold Flames be ended by H2O?
One More Chance isn’t revival but room to grow?
Is there an end, planned, like #JusticeForSandyBland ?
Will this journey leave me a Hopeless Man?
So hopeless I look up At the Crescent Moon
SCREAM OUT in pain for my life isn’t a Silver Spoon!
should I be anything but who I am or just seek perfection?
My aesthetics flawed from nose to nape then nape to toes
My state of mind isn’t Auschwitz yet lacks concentration
Encourages me to be mindful in a state of meditation
But my life is blurry, it won’t end, not now not today
Tomorrow my clock might run out, I do not know
Socrates might say I’m Tripartite but “no” is what I say
I am one, I am whole, yet I am not fulfilled still I go
On a never ending journey that concludes with an interlude
Then changes from into anything that begins, Act II
Some say it’s reincarnation but it’s the circle of life, it’s understood
When life is done and my flesh ceases to be, this I will go through
I’m not chosen, my life is a boat sailing this never ending sea
But where I land, we’ll see, I’m not just the boat, the sailor is me
Like water I never end or leave just evaporate and condense
Thanks for supporting the Poetry Challenge, you made it a success

#PoetryChallenge Day 7
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