Some Movie Reviews

I remember a while back when I reviewed movies, I had some good feedback and I’d like to try it again. It’s hard to be consistent and give out content but I like hearing from you and I love suggestions. A friend of mine asked that I revisit my movie reviews and from the success of Poetry Challenge I thought “why not?”. So let me explain how I review movies, I’m not a critic, but I have standards. Each movie I try to go in with an open mind and try to NOT see any reviews or gain any opinion from outside sources. Obviously I can’t block out everything but I usually try to. I probably spend too much time at the movies and I enjoy it regardless, my reviews will be quick and to the point. No stars, No ratings, No thumbs up, No thumbs down, No tomato meter, just pure truth and honesty, condensed.

Jurassic World: I never saw the original. From what I saw this movie was good, it wasn’t excellent, it wasn’t bad either, it was just good. The action was nice, a few scary parts but I think if there was more blood it would make more sense with the action. The fight scene at the end was my favorite part. Watch it on a boring Thursday.

Ant-Man: So damn funny! I loved this movie. I think if I was a full comedy it would have been better. Micheal Pina is the soul of this movie (he also reminds me of a co-worker). Watch it with the crew and enjoy, highly recommended.

Ted 2: As weird as this sounds, I didn’t find this movie as funny as I wanted it to be. It was funny, no doubt but It seemed random. Would I watch it twice? No. Would I watch it after turning up or finishing off the night? Yes.

Terminator Genysis: I’m not a huge Terminator fan but I remember seeing the first one at 8 years old and being scared for my life. More than 10 years later this movie comes out, It’s confusing as hell. I stopped trying to figure it out and just loved the action. This is one for the squad. Watch it in D-Box (if available) no need to watch it twice tho.

Spy: YES YES YES. Out of all the movies I’ve named so far you HAVE to watch this one. Good for any audience (but don’t bring the little kids). Funny, Smart, Quick, Vulgar and there’s a rapper near the end of the movie. Need I say more?

Trainwreck: LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO! The best movie out right now. I’m not even going to explain why, just go see it and Thank Me Later for this review (sidenote: Check out “Back to Back” by Drake, he bodied Meek Mill).

Paper Towns: This movie was just there, middle of the road type of movie. I really thought it would be refreshing. The main characters are interesting but they barely mature. It’s not very relatable. Some hilarious parts but that can’t save this movie. I like that this movie is unpredictable but that’s pretty much it. Basic movie. Catch Trainwreck, Spy or Ant-Man instead.


Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

More to come next week

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