An Empty Vessel

Everyday we stare at a screen

viewing things that have never been seen

Colors florescent, bright, undertones of green

We look and stare

At the wonders and interactions that come

that unites and divides some

a forum for us to invent

to fill our hearts content

yet we look back at the time spent

we look and stare

our minds have a hunger so deep

that torments and disturbs our sleep

our instincts and our interactions that creep

and we seldom hear or see the grim reap


We look and stare

At the constructed lives on display

all the fake attention we pay

the false reality we call “social media” today

we turn on, shut off mind and stay

where likes validate, break, create, affirm, destroy your worth

where you can Instagram fame, facebook tragedy and snapchat birth

where conversation lies through the movement of thumbs

rather than the airways, lips and movement of tongue

necks made to bend down, heart made to stay out

attention made to give up, reputation made to get clout

yet we are

looking and staring.


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