Darkest Cloud

Wake up in a ray of sun so bright

that it broke the sleep I had that night

and as I blink and stare

my eyes in despair

at his light I could not compare

to the dark cloud

my scream isn’t loud

my hand blocks the light shower

one that was needed in my darkest hour

as my body ascends

my bones now mend

to an upright posture sitting on the bed

still hand over eyes I tilt my head

up and see the cloud is still there

still looming with every thought of despair

from my tip toes to nappy hair

the dark cloud fills the entire air

of my existence

I’ve tried resistance

I’ve tried ignorance

I’ve tried it all

it seems to fall

the sunshine looms

yet darkness still dooms

standing in the middle

with joy playing second fiddle

the dark cloud is here to stay

and i’ve already lost another day