Another shitty poem

the dove has cried

the purple has dried

the rain has poured

the cream has melted

the snow in April

sometimes took place

sometimes life ain’t over

but sometimes it is

sometimes things don’t last

sometimes that is good

sometimes beauty rises in lose

sometimes poems are trash

sometimes we lie to ourselves and ignore the truth

sometimes we wish that was true

sometimes the skeletons in our closet come to torment us

sometimes life itself torments us


we carry on

because that is who we are

that is our ambition

that is our drive

to go in the sunset and never stare at the rear view

look forward at setting sun, the purple clouds

the dove flying high

smiling and saying bye


Beautiful Destruction

Beautiful Destruction

staring as the time flies

the clock was moving, I wish I was

those brown eyes reflection at me

this mirror could only show the outside

this clock could only show time

and as I take the keys out

windows shut and I scream, shout

with pain for each ventricle, vein and artery

an attack would be better

as the soul weeps and the heart stings

staring at that clock, waterfalls down cheek

barely can or even find speech

thirty minutes pass, in my homeless life

a life of luxury built and gone early like Phife

but was this what my dream came with?

was this the beautiful destruction truth

Or was it I, the ambitious fly,

that meet the human slap, then die

Or am I a phoenix

Or am I neither