We used to be…

it’s sad that we don’t talk like we used to, even though I used to be the nigga you were used to

you used me and i used you, we played games, no nintendo. could have been the princess to my mario. but now i see you with another

hiding how i feel like i’m undercover, because i know you have another lover. while i found love in the worst places tight enclosed spaces

you were venus to my mercury now i’m pluto. so far from me, but i never tried to bag you like groceries but yet you were my fantasy

not a subtweet, its direct to see. i know you’re reading this, you mean all to me. forget April fools, you’re my May flower

what we used to be, is something we’ll never be. that hurts me more than it hurts you. maybe my mind misses the memories more than the reality but i’ll still love you eternally


-via twitter


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