Why I hate rappers

They’re fake plain and simple. I’m talking mostly about underground “up and coming” rappers that send you facebook links. Fakes. Phonies. Its a bandwagon a lot of guys are hopping on to get fame and notoriety. Similar to the “photographer” and youtuber trend going on but worse. It isn’t an intrinsic need to spit bars or actually do something different in the rap game, its just a front for some likes, some favorites, some comments, some gratification for their useless lives. A lot of men have lost their way, especially young black men. Our society has created an image, a character of black youth: we are ghetto, stupid, ignorant, violent and bad which becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy when they run from books but fiend for studio time. It’s annoying to hear every week a new kid decides to be a rapper. It’s so stupid because 95% of rappers are pure trash, and that includes industry types. If the rappers with record deals are mostly trash (which is why some of them never even release a debut shouts out to Lil Twist). Some rappers aren’t even able to release music like Lil Wayne or Chief Keef. On the subject of Chief Sosa, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend where Ottawa rappers are trying to emulate his flow and the “Chiraq” drill movement that ended in 2014. Even if they don’t live that life, they decide to fake it till they make it. It’s pathetic. Struggle rappers is this path worth it? Even if we look at more present examples, Young Thug creates amazing music but he also has terrible doo doo music without any reply value (most of Slime Season 3). Even legendary artists like Drake release trash music so who are you rappers to actually have the ego that you’re the next one up with a trash mixtape on Datpiff? The content of most rappers is terrible and when it comes to Struggle Rappers (the underground roaches I was talking about) they literally rap about the same lies. “I be getting bitches” when they’re virgins, “I got rarri ” when they have a G1 and drive their mom’s honda, “I got them choppas” when they’ve never wielded a knife or even seen a gun in real life, “I get money” when they can’t afford a 1.89 Jr. Chicken from McD’s. Liars. They also have the audacity to flex with chains and jewelry to pretend they live the life they portray. Rappers are literally actors.

What is my beef? I want trash rappers to quit. All I want is good music and if these struggle rappers had respek for hip hop or music in general they’d quit. I commend ILoveMcKonnen for quitting rap cause we don’t need his music at all. He had one good song that doesn’t mean he has any value to hip hop. In an ideal world most struggle rappers would follow suit, and quit but sadly we don’t live in an ideal world. This stains hip hop, the more trash we have the worse our culture looks. We can’t disrespect rap by letting these struggle rappers get away with the fuckery. Rapping isn’t for everyone, there are other options: like poetry, writing, art, and music other genders of music. On the surface it pisses me off that we let these trash rappers exist, but on a deeper level I’m sad for the state of hip hop. So I suggest we, as consumers and lovers of the culture, ignore and disregard trash rappers, struggle rappers or mediocre rappers. We’ve dealt with enough of those already.


P.S. “Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper is a better body of work than Drake’s “Views”


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