Temptation (poem + thoughts)

That itch that feeling of want not a need

the sensation that you can’t point a finger to

that feeling that lies to you yet seems true

that vibration from your heart to head

that makes you think outside your head

and into your soul

to fill it and make it whole

that fox we call temptation

that creeps without hesitation

and swipes our logical meat

that leads to our defeat


As I wrote that poem and reflected on the meaning of temptation, I realize that it is one of the biggest problems in society today. Temptation is something we neglect but it is always around us. Marketing exists because of temptation. Obesity, drug addiction, debt, divorce, diet issues and even jealousy exists because of temptation. We crumble and fail so easy when it comes to things that tempt us. Where I live there’s a Popeye’s literally a block away from my house, you really think I’m not gonna go and get a 3 piece? Is it good for me to get one? Hell no. Am I still gonna do it…probably. That’s temptation. I’ve always had a problem with it and I know a lot of you reading this probably have a “Popeye’s” in your life.

One of my vegetarian friends actually shocked me recently, she started her journey about 6 months ago and I was extremely skeptical. Me and her used to eat chicken pizzas and make fun of each other. #SnowEater For some reason I invited her to by BBQ and forgot to get some vegetarian options, so she watched us eat some amazing burgers and didn’t even flinch as the warm buns meet our mouths. Man that’s discipline. She didn’t fall into temptation. That’s something I’d like to explore with some of my readers today. The issue of temptation is something that we all struggle with, it’s a fight in our head and sometimes our soul. Do we succumb to what we want? Or do we do what we Need to do? My friend could have said “fuck it, toss me that beef” and I’d probably throw the burger in her buns and casually laugh. But she had the self control to literally eat tomatoes with salt instead of letting temptation get the best of her.

Temptation is why social media exists, we are tempted to find validation through our “posts” rather than let it be and do what we need to do (like the dirty dishes or laundry). Plain and simple we need too get past our temptations. It’s not easy but I know some of mine and I’m working on them. So I encourage everyone reading this to find one thing in your life that is tempting you; Video games, social media, drinking, smoking, girls, guys, bad food, bad people, toxic friends, anything that is removing from your life. I want us to give a week of restraint and discipline. Where we ignore and fight this urge. Self control, discipline, restraint…all three of those things are the key. High key, Major Key. (word to DJ Khaled).


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