3 weeks

when i saw you my body spoke louder than my head

i double tapped my lust on you and said

anything and everything to have

you came out of nowhere, you didn’t have to

we had a vibe that we weren’t supposed to

week one i won your love and affection

week two you were my mocha we had that connection

we saw art and wanted to paint our new found flame

your voice was a warm embrace

phone calls that we couldn’t replace

our aorta was filled no room for space

when we meet the flame grew

when i saw you i knew it was true

you became my queen i was your jay

but i wasn’t blue

our lips meet our star flew

and the sky danced in celebration

our bodies made a holy congregation

week 3 like DMX and Drizzy I asked “how’s it going down”

the script got flipped upside down

used to be a 9 now we’re a 6

snapchat snaphots and pics

my imagination ran quick

then i sat and started to think

your voicemail said you were ready

but your text said you aint

this perfect picture i wanted to paint

was taken by another

the sadness, anger and hurt still remain

from you i will refrain

3 weeks i’ll never see again

2 weeks of glee

1 week of you and me

0 emotions left



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