Late Night Thoughts vol. 2

it’s not really late night thoughts (its currently 12:53am) its essentially thoughts i had from before, specifically 3 hours ago. i like keeping track of media, especially hip hop media because i love hip hop and the culture. to be perfectly honest it has become a major soap opera, i’ll blog about that in a few weeks to come but regardless i’d like to write about a specific aspect of the culture i really hate. its not just hip hop culture it extends to overall culture. if you don’t live under a rock you know who Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, i love and hate them. when people claim that these women are “business women” i wanna smack them across their stupid head, they’re ex-strippers that literally slept their way to the top. i have zero respect for that, and when people start looking up to them as if they’re some model of perfection or some ideal i want to slit my own throat and leave this planet.


im not going to explain and go off with examples because i’m not a gossip type of person, im an opinionated dude on the internet that writes very stupid things on his blog. i’ll break down what the main problem with them is; they’re literally two women that used their body to achieve millions. i’m the type of person that believes it takes more than tits, ass, a cute face to be considered “a success”. maybe i’m dumb or stupid. just because a person has lucked out on the genetic (or cosmetic) lottery doesn’t mean they deserve millions. why are they that rich? straight up i don’t fully blame them for this, i’d say its the dudes that decided to wife them. two former strippers who literally sell their body hit the jackpot by letting famous rappers impregnate them, and eventually finesse them for money. this is the downfall of men. how does a woman with literally nothing else to offer but her body, trap successful men? its because those aren’t successful men they’re fuckin failures. it’s like getting an email that says “invest 100$ and flip it int 1’000” who is to blame for clicking that link? are the senders of that spam to blame for displaying that temptation, or are you the one to blame for being so desperate to believe you can realistically gain 10 times the money you put in? that’s how these men are. idiots of the highest degree.

we need to go back to a time where men think more with their head upstairs more than their head downstairs. straight up. this is a small niche example but you’ve probably seen it in your life, maybe even experienced it. where the hormones fog your logic. dont be boys, be men. when it comes to women, inquire more than just their phyique. a person’s soul lasts longer than their booty. so remember this blog post, remember blac chyna, remember amber rose. real men (and women) don’t let visual stimulate DICtate their decisions. that’s real spit


gnight beloved


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