The end is coming

the end is coming 
i feel it in the air
i feel it in my bones
walking the peasant road
to future thrones
i must pass the thorns
walk through the wire
one that every artist has faced
few have passed the fire
passions and love misplaced
needs and wanted replaced
where the wanted becomes what we seek
where are tongues hold what we speak
where we let our strength turn weak
then we know the end is coming
its coming for me, its coming for you
the experiment has an ending
and i know it's true
the end is coming
or was it already here?

Few Things on My Mind

Its been a while, So I’ll just talk about a few things on my mind.

1. Black Lives Matter, and you’re dumb if you disagree. There’s been a ton of injustice happening in the states and as a black man I must address it in some forum, its wrong and racist. Institutional and systemic, the only way to fight it is to display it and protest against it. Ignorance is bliss if we ignore police brutality and diminish it we get this narrative called “All Lives Matter”, as if Black lives matter is stating that black lives are the only ones that matter. If all lives matter than we should focus on the lives that are being shortened and treated less, namely, the lives of black people like Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, etc. If we were in a crowd for a Kanye concert and someone passed out mid show we wouldn’t just ignore them, we’d help them out because his or her Life matters. Black people have been dealt a terrible hand in Western society, if we are willing to say that all lives matter we must accept that Black lives matter we are treated like it doesn’t.

2. The Hypocrisy of Hip Hop has gone too far. We are living in a time where hip hop is at its peak in terms of popularity, not lyrically. Its at its peak production wise as well, but its also at its peak of dumb ignorant fans. Fans that literally think Gucci Mane is cloned because he’s not on drugs and fat. Fans who respect an artist who copies waves and has a sweatshop of writers (Jimmy Brooks) than a true MC who has bars (Budden). Fans support rappers who are about the fuckery rather than lyricists, obviously theres a time and place for ratchetivity but we can’t be fans of it 24/7! Ya I love Kodak Black but you should listen to Wale’s Summer on Sunset, its fire.

3. Being Different is good, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Continue reading “Few Things on My Mind”

A short story

Melvin used to always be skeptical. The term “too good to be true” was always floating in his mind but this hot summer day in 2012 his skepticism was challenged. Him and Corrine had been talking on social media for a while, It all started when she randomly started liking his posts on Instagram. He had no idea who she was but they had mutual friends so this wasn’t a catfish. She was really into his culture, despite the obvious racial difference. They started talking and found out they had a lot in common. She was a lot older, but he lied about his age. They also had a distance issue, she lived 30 minutes away by car ride. She was a single mother while he was a recent graduate about to get smacked by student loans while living in his mom’s basement. Despite all the differences they kept talking and kept flirting online. It reached a point where they were practically having phone sex. A month after their first interaction the relationship Melvin asked to come visit, she was busy throughout the day but found some time. Thought he was lost but he finally found the address, 15 minutes late, typical Melvin.

As he walked in the apartment lobby, confused and hungry, he dialed her number. She unlocked the ¬†door with her combo and instructed him to head to the 3rd floor, room 12. He walked up and knocked. He was nervous.What if she wasn’t what he expected? What if he wasn’t what she expected? What if the vibe was bad? What if she smelled? Cause he sure as hell didn’t (shouts out to old spice). As she opened the door, he could see the kids already running around. She had two daughters. They were playing tag. She was cooking. Corrine was a great cook, they were talking about traditions and cultures (their favorite topic) while she cooked some butter chicken. His stomach was growling like a pissed off pitbull so you can only imagine how happy he was to finally eat those juicy drumsticks. The daughters were watching netflix while Corrine and Melvin decide to enjoy the balcony. They were flirting and holding hands. The kids would randomly interrupt mainly because Melvin was warm and silly. They liked him. Later on a Corrine’s friend came over with her son for a play date and to bring over some McDonalds. Melvin introduced himself and greeted the kid with his best Shrek impression. Everyone laughed.

A few minutes later, Corrine whispered in Melvin’s ear “Go to my room, third door on the left and stay there”. He did. He was there for 10 minutes wondering what was going, he looked for a plug to charge his phone and was unsuccessful because all the plug-ins were used. He was laying on the bed of the small room checking his twitter for funny memes, then all of a sudden Corrine walked in and told him to stand up. He looked in her eyes and she looked in his, then they both pounced. He kissed her while grabbing her bubbly booty, then occasionally pulling her hair. She started to take his pants off and grabbed it. “Ou, big boy” she said as she went down kissing it slowly. She started to treat his lollipop like the most delicious treat she’d ever tasted. All that was going through Melvin’s mind was “Is this even real, what is life?”. 10 minutes in, he felt the tension rise, his firework was ready to explode. She kept her mouth on it and swallowed it like mango juice. This was the first time he’d ever climaxed doing that act. As he lay on the bed he thanked her and proceeded to get dressed to join the friend and kids in the living room, Corrine told him to wait. She went out first and he went after.

They watched Finding Nemo together and Melvin randomly got the urge within the opening credits. He sent her a text that he was going “back to the room ;)” she replied “I’ll be there soon ;)”. He stood up and pretended to head to the washroom. She came in 2 minutes later and they resumed. He took off her sundress and was happy to see that she was wearing nothing else, he threw her on the bed. Flipped her over and went at it like a two squirrels on a sunny spring morning. He went downtown and visited her flower, he was a bee exploring its sweet nectar. He was aggressive and she was submissive, he had to put his hands on her mouth while she kept moaning from sweet pain. There was pulling, slapping, grabbing as if they were wrestling for sweet victory. As it ended she went for another taste of his white juice, they both loved it. Melvin pinched himself, and thought, “This is too good but it is true”. An alarm suddenly went off and he heard his mom yell “WAKE UP MEL, BREAKFAST IS READY”.