Few Things on My Mind

Its been a while, So I’ll just talk about a few things on my mind.

1. Black Lives Matter, and you’re dumb if you disagree. There’s been a ton of injustice happening in the states and as a black man I must address it in some forum, its wrong and racist. Institutional and systemic, the only way to fight it is to display it and protest against it. Ignorance is bliss if we ignore police brutality and diminish it we get this narrative called “All Lives Matter”, as if Black lives matter is stating that black lives are the only ones that matter. If all lives matter than we should focus on the lives that are being shortened and treated less, namely, the lives of black people like Philando Castille, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, etc. If we were in a crowd for a Kanye concert and someone passed out mid show we wouldn’t just ignore them, we’d help them out because his or her Life matters. Black people have been dealt a terrible hand in Western society, if we are willing to say that all lives matter we must accept that Black lives matter we are treated like it doesn’t.

2. The Hypocrisy of Hip Hop has gone too far. We are living in a time where hip hop is at its peak in terms of popularity, not lyrically. Its at its peak production wise as well, but its also at its peak of dumb ignorant fans. Fans that literally think Gucci Mane is cloned because he’s not on drugs and fat. Fans who respect an artist who copies waves and has a sweatshop of writers (Jimmy Brooks) than a true MC who has bars (Budden). Fans support rappers who are about the fuckery rather than lyricists, obviously theres a time and place for ratchetivity but we can’t be fans of it 24/7! Ya I love Kodak Black but you should listen to Wale’s Summer on Sunset, its fire.

3. Being Different is good, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

To be honest we live in a very sheep society. Tons of people would rather follow a wave than create one. A lot of us would rather follow trends than start any, its pathetic. I could easily see people jumping off a cliff if everyone was doing it. People have a permanent fear of missing out, as if whatever everyone is doing is smart. This might be a human trait but we millennials have that big flaw, we’d rather be like everyone than be different. So I’ll just straight up say this: BE WEIRD, BE DIFFERENT AND BE UNAPOLOGETIC ABOUT IT. It’s beautiful seeing different things, if everyone was the same we’d have such a boring world i’d move to mars fam. So don’t be a boring ass basic bitch(goes for males too) be different.

4. Durant will never be Lebron, Westbrook could be.

Durant’s snake move to GSW was one of pure winning motivation, it wasn’t about the money even though he got paid a shit ton it was about winning a chip. You know it, I know it, my uncle knows it and so does your stepmom but it proved that he will never be Lebron. He’s always had the narrative of being 2nd best, and he just proved it, he has proven to take the easy path to the finals even though he was a game away from taking OKC to the finals literally 3 months ago! Pathetic, I can’t respect him. Westbrook on the other hand has the chance to literally put the team on his back doe, word to Greg Jennings (enjoy that retirement and CTEs fam) where he has a team that could easily challenge for a chip. What has earned LBJ the full crown is that he delivered on his promise from 03′ to bring the trophy home for Cleveland, Westbrook could do that for OKC this year or he could opt out and go to the Lakers and restore them to being competitive. Durant isn’t going to win in 2017, accept it, he will never be LBJ, accept it.



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