Monday Motivation

I can’t deny that I love twitter. It’s my favorite form of social media to waste my time on and hate myself for doing so. There is a lot of fuckery on that app and I’m very aware of it, but once in a while you see a tweet that transcends the retweets and likes, a tweet that speaks to your soul. @Boogie2988 had that tweet. He wrote “A massive number of people won’t care about you. Many people will actively dislike you. Only a few will love you, cherish them“. This is spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too. These recent years in my life I have realized that this is one of the truest statements I’ve ever read, I literally landed on it a week ago. Have you ever felt like something is in the back of your mind but you can’t vocalize it? That’s exactly how I felt about that tweet. Everyday I recognize that the number of people that don’t or won’t ever care for me is very large, whether they pretend to or they actually do, most will not care about me. You can be great, you can have a friendship, you can have a party, you can play sports together, you can be friendly, you can lend money, you can even be blood relatives and most people will not care about you. Some will pretend to for some ulterior motive, but just know, most will not care about you. Many will dislike you, no matter what you do. This is why I’m a large believer in people being who they are 100% of the time without a single hesitation. Just do you, fuck everyone. Be yourself. Because being a genuine person helps you sleep better. Many people will actively dislike you. This reminds me of Rico Richie song “Poppin” in his chorus he says “If you aint got no haters y’aint poppin”. People will hate you, its not your job to be loved, its your duty to be yourself EVERY DAMN DAY and NEVER apologize or “Fit in”. Few will love you and that’s a fact. Cherish them, cherish those moments and cherish the memories. Because nothing ever lasts, but the memories we create and keep. 




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