I’m not a super movie person, to be honest I like TV shows overall way more than movies. But I’ve gone on a small streak of watching some good movies so why not review them because apparently people read this (but they’re too soft shy to comment). My metric for a good movie is “will I watch it twice? is it memorable? is it original? and did it make me NOT want to check my phone”.

Rating Scale

1=Nah bruh 2=Trash, but watchable 3=Its iight 4=Buy a ticket 5=WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN IT?

Central Intelligence: Giving this a to be honest its perfect at what it does. The Rock is hilarious its amazing, Kevin Hart doesn’t play Kevin Hart and its refreshing. People seem to forget that Hart is a legit actor, he stopped playing the same character and balanced out with Dwayne Johnson. Watch it with a squad, a cute girl who wears Jordans, not with mom though.

Bad Moms: This movie is the definition of a 2 its trash but its watchable. If you’re a mother and/or a daughter  you’ll enjoy this movie a lot, it is geared towards women. The movie is funny but it tries to do too much, like stick  to a basic thing. Are you gonna be a silly comedy, a social satire or Comedy-drama? I like multiple layer flicks but this isn’t one of them. Mila Kunis looks boom as hell tho, Jada Pinkett too, they’re not THAT funny though. One of the moms is, she’s hilarious, they need to give her a movie.

Suicide Squad: Objectively this movie is a 2 but this is my blog and you value my opinion so fam…this is a weak 4. Let’s just keep it real: the plot is real stupid, the movie isn’t about the suicide squad, the joker is barely there and most fight scenes are whack. Why did I give it a 4, because Harley Quinn is amazing and my dad Will Smith does work! This is a Harley Quinn/Deadshot movie masked as an ensemble movie. You like DC, you like superhero movies, you like Margot Robbie (who doesn’t), you like Will Smith (leave my blog if you don’t), you like weak humor then watch this movie.


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