I had to do this. Literally have been going through a wave of ups and down, life isn’t pretty for your boy. So let’s just get to it. Music speaks to my soul, 2 Chainz released his mixtape Daniel Son; Necklace Don and one song sticks out, Big Amount (LISTEN TO IT NOW). Now that you’ve heard it, you’ve noticed his little introduction “if you woke up this morning you’re winning” which is factual. He goes off riding the smooth flute inspired beat, literally spitting bars from an impoverished youth to getting “red bottoms in his and hers”. Why does this matter? This post is about gratitude, be grateful, like 2 Chainz is grateful.

We live in a world of constant complaining, its pathetic. We literally take everything for granted from the jobs we have to the fact that some of us are in a peaceful country. There’s people who read this blog that are in war torn regions and I sit back and think to myself “wow how? and why?”. Just know that you and I are blessed, we are alive, that’s more than some people can say. We are safe, that’s more than some people can say. We have internet, that’s more than A LOT of people can say. I could literally stop this blog post right now and say that I motivated you because the idea of us having all these blessings should inspire each and everyone of you. We take some much for granted, as if it’s normal to have what we have. There are kids out there starving NOT just in Africa, South America or Asia there are kids starving in our city, in our province (or state) and our country. The fact that we are feed is a blessing.

I don’t think its a generation thing, I think its an adaptive human trait. Where we have a blase attitude towards all the cool shit that we have. I’m literally streaming music that I would have had to buy 2 years ago, that’s a blessing I barely pay attention to. You literally clicked a link and used the internet to read a shitty blog post, this was impossible 20 years ago. You have a social media where people actively decided to follow or be-friend you no matter how shallow and wasteful it is, this was impossible 10 years ago (myspace was trash, doesn’t count).

This week I want you to count your blessings, no matter how small. I could go off about all the terrible things going on in my life but to be honest its so small in the big picture of life. ¬†Tough times, tough moments, valleys, beef, hatered, fear, pain, sadness, heartache, sickness will fade the attitude you have won’t. Gratitude, that’s a major key.Be grateful, be happy, be 2 Chainz.


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