Last week we learned what a Kim Kardashian sextape would be like in 2016. We didn’t see it but we saw the implications of such a thing were to happen today. “What the hell is this weirdo talking about?” Thanks, and I’m talking about YesJulz. If you haven’t heard of her I don’t blame you but I’ll attempt to explain. She’s a “Social Influencer” basically she has a large following on social media (mainly Snapchat, Twitter also) where she promotes, markets and hosts events in the urban (hip hop) sphere. She’s not huge, but those in the know know her. Her brand is basically big booty voluptuous white girl who loves “the culture” and empowering women (her staff is 6 women). Friday a sextape of her was leaked on twitter and all hell broke loose. The memes were on Jordan Crying levels, it was literally a party in twitter. The general consensus was her moans sounded manly and she deserved the roasts because of her 2011 tweets disparaging women. To be honest I could go off about how idiotic and group think Twitter can be but that’s besides the point, here we learned what a Kim K sextape would be in 2016. YesJulz and 2007 Kim K are similar in the “why the hell do I know that person?” realm. Women who had a sextape leaked on their come up. While one was able to propel the private moment into a millionaire empire, the other has just seen the ugly side of the internet. In 2007 when the Kim tape came out it wasn’t in the social media driven society we experience today were; group think, pitchfork mentality, memes, roasts are a major key.

While I scrolled down my phone and I laughed at the dry Spongebob comparisons but I reached the point where I felt sorry for the girl. She was #1 trending and it was because of her getting dicked down. Sad times, 2016 times.While I agree with 99% of twitter that her tweets on black women were wrong, I believe that people change, and no one deserves to have private moments go public. We all got dirt under the rug. I saw an inspiring Quincy Jones tweet (it was probably from his PR) it said

People will do anything to tarnish your name, reputation & success, but they can’t touch your soul – Jones, 2016

This should follow you this entire week, people in this world will always try to put you down, and discredit you for several reasons. As a person who’s received a ton of hate in my life, people tarnishing my name and hating on my success I’ve felt YesJulz pain at a micro-level. Twitter is a bigger medium than T.V and that’s a fact, Presidential Candidates create CNN headlines in less than 140 characters (Shouts out to my nigga Trump). We all face hate, at whichever level in life, but we must be strong through these valleys of life. People will try their hardest to tear you down but they can never break your soul, they will never stop your drive, your mentality, they can never stop you. So remember this when you go throughout this week: NO ONE CAN TOUCH YOUR SOUL!

*Read “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, it will fulfill your soul*

This post was too long, but Thank you always for reading 🙂 much love.



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