I’ve abandoned the idea of posting early or even posting on time. The content matters, and so does timing which is a skill I have to learn. Besides that, my loyal readers (and hopefully new ones) need some motivation, and nothing has motivated us more than the Olympics. Yes, even through it ended yesterday and there’s more bullshit in this world to write and speak about we must slow down and realize how cool it was. I’m not going to go off about Usain Bolt, Andre De Grasse, Simone Biles, Michael Phelphs or Lyin Lochte, I’ll speak on a purely base level. All of these incredible athletes that went to the Rio Olympics have one thing in common, a drive and a vision. That’s the essence of what I’d like to send out today. Having a goal, having something that wakes you up every morning to achieve greatness is something that is rarely replicated. Every single athlete that went to represent their country, regardless of a realistic chance at gold, had a vision! They had drive, so much so that they beat out other competitors aiming for the chance to compete at the biggest stage.

The joy of even being able to represent your country, being recognized for your hard work, your drive, your intestinal fortitude is something most of us will never feel. This brings me back to an acquaintance, basically a friend of friends, I had back in my high school days, Segun Makinbe. Amazing track and field athlete, set records in my former school and district for 100m and 200m sprints. It was in shock and amazement when I realized that he made it to the Rio Olympics, to be honest I shouldn’t have been shocked at all. He was literally consumed by his love and passion for track and field it was his calling. He had to drive and vision to see himself wearing that red and white reppin Canada. That inspired me. A guy who wasn’t just gifted but worked hard to get to their dream, to reach for the stars and actually touch them. Be sure to learn from this, we are not in a world of impossibilities, limitations may arise but we live in a world of endless possibilities. Let your light shine brighter than any diamond Rihanna was talking about and have that drive and vision, and put in more “Work” than Drake did in that video. ┬áThat is true inspiration, that is true motivation and that is my Motivation Monday


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