We all know the story, we all know what he did. We all know the significance of what he did and we all have an opinion on it: here’s mine. Colin Kaepernick has started a revolution, and I’m 1000% here for it. When it comes to the easy concept of protest, the goal is to gain a reaction, and Kaepernick hasn’t started a reaction he did something better, he started a conversation. There’s multiple layers to his decision to sit during the anthem, first and foremost it lead to people examining what the American national anthem says. Charles Woodson, my second favorite safety of all time, was able to perfectly describe how Francis Scott Key (the author of the anthem) was a slave owner, who believed that American was the land of the “free”! This means Kaepernick’s ancestors wouldn’t belong in America and neither would Charles Woodson’s and neither would 13 million African Americans according the the writer of this sacred anthem. The second layer in this discussion is what is the “right” way to protest. Let me make this perfectly clear, PROTEST IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE! It is supposed to elicit emotion, if Kap decided to just express his thoughts in another forum instead of national televised games, he wouldn’t have had a single effect. There’s no right way to protest and their is no right person to protest. Kap was fighting for the starting job for the 49ers in the preseason, he had lost the locker room, lost weight, confidence, speed, strength and accuracy, simply put; he is a mediocre to average QB. There’s stupid people out there that claim he shouldn’t protest because he’s second sting QB, because it brings bad press to the NFL, because of blah, blah, blah, who gives a fuck… Kap has every right to protest. His stance and bravery led to his jersey being the most sold in the nfl.

There’s another layer that few seem to emphasize, and that layer is bigger than the act and then reaction. The layer we must understand is the solution. When it comes to the injustices applied to black people we need to move from yelling out and screaming about it to finding real pragmatic solutions. My prediction is that Kap will kneel down all season, this will go up to the California or even supreme court legislature where policies will be amended or created to address the injustices of police brutality. That’s the ideal scenario, the most likely scenario is that he gets cut on the team or receives some sort of violent attack from right wing extremists. Regardless of what happens, he has started a Kaepervolution!! Players on other teams, superstars such as Arian Foster, Brandon Marshall, Robert Quinnand so forth have shown their support by kneeling or raising a fist during the anthem. One that we need, an unconventional hero in an inconvenient with an incredible act of bravery. I salute you Kap.


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