Omar’s story

Omar’s story

He walked down the curb, reciting every word

of that new song by Asap ferg

he walked the streets late night, early morning

little did he know 24hours later his mother would be mourning

him and his brother were having a water gun fight

then he heard sirens and saw the lights

his brother was in the bushes hiding from big bro

Officer Wilson pulled him over “GET YOUR ASS ON THE FLOOR”

water piston on his belt, he raised his hands fast

and in the blink of an eye, Wilson started to blast

three in the chest, one in the stomach and one on the head

little bro screaming in the bushes cause his brother is dead

and as he bleed the same blood that countless have faced

he knew his fate before this happened, another black man eRaced



you and me

you and me

the way we meet was unconventional

but the way we clicked was phenomenal

we created together from the jump

every time i think of you my heart jumps

you’re my Jenny, I’ll be your Forest Gump

you’re my ego, I’ll  be your Donald Trump

we belong together

I remember the car wash, that’s when I knew

that you belong with me, and I belong with you

passion, pleasure and pain

he was hitting me from the back

the slap was like a crack

she was moving up and down

holding my chest for balance

rode the surfboard, while her waters drowned me

he grabbed the roots of my hair

and didn’t care about my moans

he didn’t speak but his body did

she didn’t speak but her body did

hips moving, lip biting, arm grabbing, heavy breathing

my sun went down her skyline, she was filled with darkness

he put his vascular hands around me

his thumbs near my jugular veins

his pleasure p pleased me and left me filled

equal parts passion, pain and pleasure

her tongue spoke to me, from northern lips to south pole

she was a cannibal, stuffed with human meat

my milkshake was her tasty treat

our souls joined in one

his moon, her sun

bodies joined in natures dance

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Mr.Scorpio and Ms.Fro

Mr.Scorpio and Ms.Fro

the river was calm, but frog wasn’t

he was swimming in fear

but that couldn’t show

he neither swam fast or slow

a stead pace wins the race, don’t they always say?

this wasn’t a race yet he wished to hop away

as scorpion looked down the temptation rose

then flashbacks came and he suddenly froze

“promise not to let you down” he spoke

but his nature made his promise broke

and as he pierced frog below and gave in to temptation

frog looked up acknowledging damnation

with trembling eyes the frog asked “why?”

“its in my nature, i can’t even lie”

a trust made and decayed too soon

they both drown to meet their waterly tomb



a millennial man

a millennial man

my iPhone vibrates, i slowly my head

pillow soft, open app in my comfy bed

i check to see if my texts are read

why hasn’t she replied? is the group chat lit?

duke whats to chill, what excuse do i make up? SHIT!

open another app with my eyes half open

only got 30 likes, its been 5 hours i feel insulted

repost or nah? more rest? hell nah

its funny how they have pictures together

then when i talk to em’ they hate being together

talking about funny, let me check that meme

never thought Arthur would be funny in my wildest dream

gah damn has it been 30 minutes already?

step one: go pee, i’ve been holding it in

step two: wash face, brush teeth and look supreme

step three: do my hair, can’t be lookin like a fool

step four: dress well, what i’m selling is cool

step five: kick game, has to be point

step six: snapchat it, they’ll be loving my joints

step seven: walk out and start my day

then I get real: I’m not doing shit today

been looking for jobs that aren’t looking for me

been looking for love that comes with a fee

been looking for a purpose that’s impossible to see

when they say that our generation is lazy and superficial

they forge that our lives have different issues

good isn’t good enough and great is expected

you can’t float by in expect to have it all on your lap

and anyone who says otherwise is feeding you crap

they say our generation’s stupid, meaningless music, eg. rap

they pretend like we aren’t well versed in poetry from a youth and that’s the truth

our generation is wiser and more aware than the old

they forget that they were us, now they want us to fit their mold

so we’re self obsessed, wouldn’t you be too?

when media told you you were special ever since you were 2?

yes i’ll take that selfie cause the lighting is bomb

and i don’t

fuck em’ they don’t even deserve a capital f

we are the future and your future is death

now let me go check twitter real quick



The wave

The wave

my board moves slowly

the tide is weak

i paddle far to catch the wave

it is small

and so am i

the waters are still

so i sit on my board a stare

at the endless waters

waiting for that wave

to spring on the board and finally feel

the motion of the ocean from hair to heel

the waters, the wave, they claim it heals

 an illness that has tormented me years

the wave caused by falling tears

as they fall down my cliff cheek

i could almost hear my mind speak

consoling me, as if to be brave

“paddle no more and ride the wave”