my iPhone vibrates, i slowly my head

pillow soft, open app in my comfy bed

i check to see if my texts are read

why hasn’t she replied? is the group chat lit?

duke whats to chill, what excuse do i make up? SHIT!

open another app with my eyes half open

only got 30 likes, its been 5 hours i feel insulted

repost or nah? more rest? hell nah

its funny how they have pictures together

then when i talk to em’ they hate being together

talking about funny, let me check that meme

never thought Arthur would be funny in my wildest dream

gah damn has it been 30 minutes already?

step one: go pee, i’ve been holding it in

step two: wash face, brush teeth and look supreme

step three: do my hair, can’t be lookin like a fool

step four: dress well, what i’m selling is cool

step five: kick game, has to be point

step six: snapchat it, they’ll be loving my joints

step seven: walk out and start my day

then I get real: I’m not doing shit today

been looking for jobs that aren’t looking for me

been looking for love that comes with a fee

been looking for a purpose that’s impossible to see

when they say that our generation is lazy and superficial

they forge that our lives have different issues

good isn’t good enough and great is expected

you can’t float by in expect to have it all on your lap

and anyone who says otherwise is feeding you crap

they say our generation’s stupid, meaningless music, eg. rap

they pretend like we aren’t well versed in poetry from a youth and that’s the truth

our generation is wiser and more aware than the old

they forget that they were us, now they want us to fit their mold

so we’re self obsessed, wouldn’t you be too?

when media told you you were special ever since you were 2?

yes i’ll take that selfie cause the lighting is bomb

and i don’t

fuck em’ they don’t even deserve a capital f

we are the future and your future is death

now let me go check twitter real quick



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