passion, pleasure and pain

he was hitting me from the back

the slap was like a crack

she was moving up and down

holding my chest for balance

rode the surfboard, while her waters drowned me

he grabbed the roots of my hair

and didn’t care about my moans

he didn’t speak but his body did

she didn’t speak but her body did

hips moving, lip biting, arm grabbing, heavy breathing

my sun went down her skyline, she was filled with darkness

he put his vascular hands around me

his thumbs near my jugular veins

his pleasure p pleased me and left me filled

equal parts passion, pain and pleasure

her tongue spoke to me, from northern lips to south pole

she was a cannibal, stuffed with human meat

my milkshake was her tasty treat

our souls joined in one

his moon, her sun

bodies joined in natures dance

the passion, pleasure and pain 14f0dad62a1d6c42d6d83dcd22a1cdb7




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