Yup today’s the day, and I highkey had to write about it. To be honest we’ve been spectators of this joke for the past year and some change and lets get real, its been a legendary election. I’m not a political science guy or some next level guy with a liberal or conservative bias, I do lean more towards a liberal ideology. To be honest I have never looked at CNN more in my life. 2008 was crazy, 2012 was lame, 2016 is damn zoo. Now we know both candidates are on some bullshit, but what I want to look at is the future and also a quick look at the past. Donald Trump is the most hilarious, charming, lying finesser I’ve ever seen, apparently there was a writer at the Toronto Star that literally kept a daily note of how many lies he would spew. Hillary Clinton is the physical manifestation of homework, you hate it, see no need for it, is ultimately unnecessary but you lowkey have to do it. She’s that co worker that’s been working for so long that management HAS to promote them even though they’re trash.

Now lets get real: both are pure garbage and I feel terrible for American citizens who have to pick between an orange and a raccoon (yes she’s a criminal). I’m not going to be the guy that brings up a wrap sheet of their violations so I’ll make predictions for what they’ll each do in the future. Trump is going to pull a George Bush where he’s going to have Mike Pence run the country, he will be a figurehead. There’s a Washington Post article that alluded to Trump doing this with John Kasich, essentially having his team contact his rival candidate about being the “most powerful vice president”. Clinton is literally going to be a conservative president with a few liberal approaches, especially when it comes to women’s rights. She is the textbook definition of a slimy politician and exemplifies exactly what most people don’t like: a lack of transparency. Trump is asshole you see and fight then move on with your life, Hillary is that “friend” who mooches off you and talks shit about you when you’re not around. Off top Hillary should win but does she deserve it? No. Bernie does, but he’s a revolutionary and the system will always find a way to suppress and end them. Obama broke the mold, Trump came in bold and Hillary will keep it cold. Cold regular rigid, by-partisan, lobby influenced, unclear, calculated, disingenuous, oil stealing, war mongering, neo-colonialism politics. This goes back to personal philosophies, do you prefer seeing evil face to face or having unexpected evil creep its ugly face.

This election is probably going to be rigged, Clinton has too much money around her and Trump is a fool. Lowkey I’m gonna miss the stupidity of this race, at least we got some amazing entertainment out of it, even though it could result in WWIII (it will fam, I’m calling it). This election really doesn’t change much though, most politicians don’t do what they say their going to do (Guantanamo Bay bruh) and outwardly lie (them emails weren’t THAT bad fam) to win. We all know that money runs this world and the money is placed on her  one side. All this election does is give the world a literal circus to laugh anxiously at while sweating buckets after the performance.

Trump is going to win. Accept it.

Both options are ass, thank God I’m Canadian, Obama an OG and the NFL is rigged.




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